Schrödinger lecture 2014: Professor Serge Haroche – Shedding new light on Schrödinger’s cat

Quantum theory has allowed scientists to understand better the subatomic world, and led to revolutionary technologies including computers, lasers and atomic clocks. In spite of its successes, quantum physics can seem strange and counterintuitive. It describes a world in which the concepts of waves and particles are deeply intertwined; and has led to the bizarre notions of superposition, which allows particles to exist in many concurrent states until observed, and entanglement, whereby particles control the state of distant and seemingly unconnected partners within a system.
2012 Physics Nobel Laureate Professor Serge Haroche delivers the annual Schrödinger Lecture

Quantum theory: it’s unreal

How to construct a better narrative over what really goes on in the subatomic world. Inaugural lecture of Professor Terry Rudolph. recorded on 29 October 2014